Family Harmony Spell for Waxing Gibbous Moon in Libra

Call it Libra bias, but I’m finding that having the moon in Libra on a Friday (both belong to Venus/Aphrodite) is particularly auspicious! That’s also the day the moon will be at the waxing gibbous phase, giving us room to play with fun, quick manifestations and boosting things more fully into our lives that we already have wobbling along. Libra is all about peace, harmony, fairness (not revenge!), and good relations.
Spells along these lines as well as beauty and attracting new love will get a double extra boost being done both on a Friday and with the waxing moon in Libra, so you’ll probably see pretty quick results!

There are plenty of love and beauty spells floating around, so I have chosen to create a spell for family and household harmony. Enjoy!

Pale pink or blue candle
“Family Harmony” herb mix (described below)
Anointing oil (lavender essential oil diluted in almond oil is recommended)
Rose water
Glass bowl of water
Matches or lighter
Paper with family harmony sigil or peace sign drawn in blue

Family Harmony Sigil from Wolf of Antimony

Crystals such as rose or clear quartz
Offering of flowers if working with deity
Candle holder

“Family Harmony” Herb Mix:
(Please note that each herb has several correspondences; I am listing only the ones relevant to the spell)
-Basil: brings happiness and peace, protects mental state, protects the house and family, peacemaking and making up
-Rose petals: love, luck, empowering your natural magick, positive vibes
-Anise seeds: protection, purifying (particularly when mixed with bay), avert evil/evil eye
-Bay: wisdom, prosperity (because hey, bonus!), goals, luck, healing, transformation, harmony, boosts magick
-Lavender: happiness, healing, love, peace, protection, calming, purification, tranquility, gentleness, good luck, harmony, stability, rest
-Grains of Paradise: good luck, house protection, wishes, love
-Meadowsweet: protection, shield from negative influences, love, balance, harmony, peace, cheers the heart
-Rosehips: harmony and peace
-Chamomile: relaxation, well-being, soothing, banishes stress
Add each herb to a bag or small bowl while feeling and projecting the energy of what it brings to the table. When all herbs are added, charge it with your intent to unify the energy and give it specific purpose.

Before beginning, make sure you have all supplies needed together in the place you’ll be working in. Then, go around the house and leave a small pinch of basil powder or the herb mix in a corner of each room with the knowledge that you’re seeding harmony. When this is done, return to your workspace and cast your circle. If you feel comfortable working with deities, then you may call upon Venus, Harmonia, Concordia, or Hestia. Drop your offering of flowers into the bowl of water in thanks as you ask Her/Them/Source to be with you.
Charge your sigil by envisioning the free, peaceful days your family has as everyone gets along and everything flows smoothly. Imagine the joy you feel spending time with those you love, and knowing your home is a sanctuary for all of you to support each other and be your authentic selves. Feel this glowing in your chest as a giant pink ball, and push it out your hands into the sigil. Seal this positive energy in by making an equal-armed cross (+) over it three times with your finger.
Carve the sigil and the names of your family members or your address into the candle, then anoint it with the oil. Start from the top and pull it toward you and your household while you feel the enjoyment of a peaceful and joyful home surrounded by people who genuinely care about each other. If you’re using crystals, you may also charge them with the same purpose at this time. Set them to the side in a small bowl and sprinkle them with the herbal blend.
Put a tablespoon or so of the herbs on the sigil paper. Take the anointed candle like a rolling pin and roll over the herbs, which both works them into the sigil and allows them to stick to the candle. Leave the rest of the herbs on the paper. Light the candle, and drip a bit of wax onto the middle of the sigil paper until you can stick the candle right on it (you’ll have to hold it in place long enough for it to cool a bit). You can always use a candle holder if need be! The wax will drip down onto the sigil and herbs, sealing them in and fusing it all together.
Now, take the rose water and anoint your bowl of water with it. (Remember that roses correspond to Venus, ruler of Libra and Friday, and here act as a power booster, reminder of unconditional love, and a harmonizer for all the energies and the way different people in the family will give and receive them.) As you do this, say:

“Water flows
With loving Rose.
Bring this home
Love that grows.”

Take a small handful of the herb mixture and chant six times as you flow loving, harmonious energy into it:

“Happy is my family,
We live in Ease and Harmony.”

After the sixth chant, say:

“Only good can come to me,
My word is Law, so mote it be!”

and fling the herbs into the water, taking the power you’ve built up with them. It’s out to the Universe now. Immediately take a few moments to be filled with gratitude in the full knowledge that it is done.
When the candle has finished, close your circle. Pour the herbal water in your front yard. Bury the candle and paper remnants in your backyard once everything has resolidified. Place your crystals in the main room if you used any. Fresh flowers would be a great addition.
Blessed be!