Welcome to Rainbow Metaphysical Therapies.Β  Β  Β 

I offer several healing services, which include Reiki, Unicorn Reiki, chakra balancing, and color energy healing.

I work a lot with the energies of different colors as well as the “unicorn energies” of unconditional and universal love, self love and acceptance, consciousness, and awareness. Unicorns are a way to access these energies fully, intentionally, and with ease. The unicorn horn is said to heal wounds through mere touch, and their horns are associated with the third eye. The idea of needing to be “pure of heart” testifies to the pure love energy attributed to unicorns. This is part of what makes Unicorn Reiki so special. It is healing in a thorough yet gentle manner, and can be quite freeing when opening a person up to all the loving energies which flow through the universe.

There is a something to be said for shadow work; it cannot be ignored. Shadow is simply a block of the light, and the archetype of unicorns can assist with having a safe and trusted space to shine light on those shadowy areas that need to be acknowledged, healed, and integrated for a more expanded wholeness of self.